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We Are The Nobles (2013)

We Are The Nobles (2013)

A falta de plata... Sale el cobre

Tells the "riches to rags" story of the Nobles, three upper-class twenty-somethings that appear to have no limits to their checkbooks, and no direction in their lives. Until one day, their father tries to teach them a lesson by staging a financial scandal that forces the whole family to escape to an old house in the poor side of town, and leads the "kids" to do what they haven't done before: get jobs.

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    A little slow at first but well worth the watch.

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    Hope this video lives up in to the lots of hype

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Gonzalo Vega Gonzalo Vega
as Germán Noble
Karla Souza Karla Souza
as Bárbara Noble
Luis Gerardo Méndez Luis Gerardo Méndez
as Javi Noble
Juan Pablo Gil Juan Pablo Gil
as Cha Noble
Ianis Guerrero Ianis Guerrero
as Lucho
Mario Haddad Mario Haddad
as Anwar Kaim
Carlos Gascón Carlos Gascón
as Peter Pintado
Alberto Zeni Alberto Zeni
as Juan Pablo
Francisco Aguirre Francisco Aguirre
as Judge Molinar
Carlos Alazraki Grossman Carlos Alazraki Grossman
as University Director
Gary Alazraki Gary Alazraki
as Santiago
Mark Alazraki Mark Alazraki
as Pollo
Richie Mestre Richie Mestre
as Amigo Javi
Marcela Guirado Marcela Guirado
as Mara
Mary Paz Mata Mary Paz Mata
as Margarita
Mariana Braun Mariana Braun
as Profesora Lucia
Cynthia Alazraki Cynthia Alazraki
as Vendedora Tienda de ropa
Octavio Castro Octavio Castro
as El Duende
Ana Karina Guevara Ana Karina Guevara
as Carmen
Adriana Nieto Adriana Nieto
as Receptionista Registro Civil
Mariana Villalvazo Martin Mariana Villalvazo Martin
as Iliana
Mossy Santini Mossy Santini
as Ana Paula
Gary Alazraki Gary Alazraki
José Casillas José Casillas
Director of Photography
Gary Alazraki Gary Alazraki
Adrian Zurita Adrian Zurita
Patricio Saiz Patricio Saiz
Leonardo Zimbrón Leonardo Zimbrón
Jorge García Jorge García