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The D Train (2015)

The D Train (2015)

Every reunion needs a hero.

With his 20th reunion looming, Dan can’t shake his high school insecurities. In a misguided mission to prove he’s changed, Dan rekindles a friendship with the popular guy from his class and is left scrambling to protect more than just his reputation when a wild night takes an unexpected turn.

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Jack Black Jack Black
as Dan Landsman
James Marsden James Marsden
as Oliver Lawless
Kathryn Hahn Kathryn Hahn
as Stacey Landsman
Jeffrey Tambor Jeffrey Tambor
as Bill Shurmur
Mike White Mike White
as Jerry
Kyle Bornheimer Kyle Bornheimer
as Randy
Henry Zebrowski Henry Zebrowski
as Craig
Corrina Lyons Corrina Lyons
as Lucy
Donna DuPlantier Donna DuPlantier
as Taj
Denise Williamson Denise Williamson
as Alyssa
Han Soto Han Soto
as Dale Harkin
Dermot Mulroney Dermot Mulroney
as Dermot Mulroney
Mariana Paola Vicente Mariana Paola Vicente
as Hot Girl
Kendra Sue Waldman Kendra Sue Waldman
as Hotel Employee
Russell Posner Russell Posner
as Zach Landsman
Charlotte Gale Charlotte Gale
as Renina
Danielle Greenup Danielle Greenup
as Heather
Nicole Barré Nicole Barré
as Holly James
Adria Tennor Adria Tennor
as Classmate - Wendy
J.T. Rowland J.T. Rowland
as Steve
Terence Rosemore Terence Rosemore
as Employee #1 - Reggie
Liann Pattison Liann Pattison
as Employee #2 - Lillian
Todd Blumenfeld Todd Blumenfeld
as Mulroney Guest
Jazzy Ellis Jazzy Ellis
as Flight Attendant
Daniella Short Daniella Short
as Stripper #1
Cynyon Dawn Rodriguez Cynyon Dawn Rodriguez
as Stripper #2
Joseph Lee Anderson Joseph Lee Anderson
as Hollywood Bar Waiter
Reginal Varice Reginal Varice
as Cab Driver
Adam Weinstein Adam Weinstein
as Kent Drazen
John-Paul Flaim John-Paul Flaim
as Sports Talk Host
Eric Bickel Eric Bickel
as Sports Talk Host
Jason Bishop Jason Bishop
as Sports Talk Host
John Auville John Auville
as Sports Talk Host
Chris Angerdina Chris Angerdina
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
John L. Armijo John L. Armijo
as Cab Driver (uncredited)
Jon Arthur Jon Arthur
as Confused Airplane Passenger (uncredited)
James Howard Askin James Howard Askin
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Charles Barber Charles Barber
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Tom Bui Tom Bui
as Upscale L.A. Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Julia Caron Julia Caron
as LA Club Patron (uncredited)
Julio Castillo Julio Castillo
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
David Michael Cefalu David Michael Cefalu
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Joseph Cintron Joseph Cintron
as Mike (uncredited)
Michelle DeVito Michelle DeVito
as Reunion Goer (uncredited)
Ryan Dewerth Ryan Dewerth
as LA Club Patron (uncredited)
Neil Durr Neil Durr
as Class Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Steffie Grote Steffie Grote
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Sadarias Harrell Sadarias Harrell
as Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Ryan Hebert Ryan Hebert
as Classmate (uncredited)
Allyson Leigh Jordan Allyson Leigh Jordan
as LA Club Patron (uncredited)
Andrew Mogel Andrew Mogel
Jarrad Paul Jarrad Paul
Meagan McLaughlin Meagan McLaughlin
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Giles Nuttgens Giles Nuttgens
Director of Photography
Andrew Dost Andrew Dost
Original Music Composer
Andrew Mogel Andrew Mogel
Jarrad Paul Jarrad Paul
Terel Gibson Terel Gibson
Ethan Tobman Ethan Tobman
Production Design
Justine Baddeley Justine Baddeley
David Bernad David Bernad
Jack Black Jack Black
Priyanka Mattoo Priyanka Mattoo
Ben Latham-Jones Ben Latham-Jones
Mike White Mike White
Barnaby Thompson Barnaby Thompson
Aigerim Jakisheva Aigerim Jakisheva
Executive Producer
Michael J. Urann Michael J. Urann
Associate Producer
Matthew Medlin Matthew Medlin
Line Producer
Kim Davis-Wagner Kim Davis-Wagner
Tracy Kilpatrick Tracy Kilpatrick