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Look Who's Back (2015)

Look Who's Back (2015)

Adolf Hitler wakes up in a vacant lot in Berlin, with no knowledge of anything that happened after 1945. Homeless and destitute. Although everyone recognizes him, nobody believes that he is Hitler; instead, they think he is either a comedian, or a method actor.

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Oliver Masucci Oliver Masucci
as Adolf Hitler
Fabian Busch Fabian Busch
as Fabian Sawatzki
Katja Riemann Katja Riemann
as Bellini
Christoph Maria Herbst Christoph Maria Herbst
as Sensenbrink
Franziska Wulf Franziska Wulf
as Vera Krömeier
Lars Rudolph Lars Rudolph
as Kioskbesitzer
Roberto Blanco Roberto Blanco
as Himself
Stephan Grossmann Stephan Grossmann
as Göttlicher
Patrick Heinrich Patrick Heinrich
as Neonazi
Michael Ostrowski Michael Ostrowski
as Mancello
Gudrun Ritter Gudrun Ritter
as Großmutter Krömeier
Paul Maaß Paul Maaß
as Krankenpfleger Falko
Katharina Abt Katharina Abt
as Köchin
Marian Meder Marian Meder
as Sawatzki-Darsteller
Thomas M. Köppl Thomas M. Köppl
as Benimmcoach
Marc-Marvin Israel Marc-Marvin Israel
as Fußballjunge
David Gebigke David Gebigke
as Fußballjunge
Paul Busche Paul Busche
as Fußballjunge
Gerdy Zint Gerdy Zint
as Pantomime
Nancy Maria Brüning Nancy Maria Brüning
as Mutter mit Kinderwagen
Hauke Schmidt Hauke Schmidt
as Comedy-Autor
Thomas Thieme Thomas Thieme
as Senderchef Kärrner
Christoph Zrenner Christoph Zrenner
as Gerhard Lümmlich
Nina Beesk Nina Beesk
as Redakteurin bei My TV
Rocco Coufin Rocco Coufin
as Redakteur bei My TV
Michael Grenzau Michael Grenzau
as Redakteur bei My TV
Stefan Greißig Stefan Greißig
as Redakteur bei My TV
Niels O. Scheer Niels O. Scheer
as Redakteur bei My TV
David Segler David Segler
as Redakteur bei My TV
Alexander Udalov Alexander Udalov
as Redakteur bei My TV
Ramona Kunze-Libnow Ramona Kunze-Libnow
as Sawatzkis Mutter
Fred Aaron Blake Fred Aaron Blake
as Hundezüchter
Bernardo Arias Poras Bernardo Arias Poras
as Gothicfreund
Georg Kammerer Georg Kammerer
as Comedy-Autor
Folke Renken Folke Renken
as Comey-Autor
Andrew Bulkeley Andrew Bulkeley
as Comedy-Autor
Bernd Zeller Bernd Zeller
as Comedy-Autor
Tim Whelan Tim Whelan
as Comedy-Autor
Michael Kessler Michael Kessler
as Michael Witzigmann
Klaas Heufer-Umlauf Klaas Heufer-Umlauf
as Er selbst
Joko Winterscheidt Joko Winterscheidt
as Er selbst
Daniel Aminati Daniel Aminati
as Er selbst
Jörg Thadeusz Jörg Thadeusz
as Er selbst
Jakob Bieber Jakob Bieber
as Jüngelchen
Maximilian Strestik Maximilian Strestik
as Ulf Birne
Frank Plasberg Frank Plasberg
as Er selbst
Micaela Schäfer Micaela Schäfer
as Sie selbst
Kim Gloss Kim Gloss
as Sie selbst
Piet Fuchs Piet Fuchs
as Maik
Aaron Hildebrand Aaron Hildebrand
as Neonazi 1
Leon Ullrich Leon Ullrich
as Journalist
Jens Reimann Jens Reimann
as Technikchef Brüller
Roman Kanonik Roman Kanonik
as Reinigungsmann
Christian Harting Christian Harting
as Bild-Chef
Nina Proll Nina Proll
as Ute Kassler
David Wnendt David Wnendt
Christoph Müller Christoph Müller
Lars Dittrich Lars Dittrich
Timur Vermes Timur Vermes
David Wnendt David Wnendt
Mizzi Meyer Mizzi Meyer
Enis Rotthoff Enis Rotthoff
Hanno Lentz Hanno Lentz
Director of Photography
Andreas Wodraschke Andreas Wodraschke
Ulrike Müller Ulrike Müller
Jenny Rösler Jenny Rösler
Production Design
Axel Nocker Axel Nocker
Art Direction
Sabine Schaaf Sabine Schaaf
Elke von Sivers Elke von Sivers
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Dennis Rettkowski Dennis Rettkowski
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
Claudius Rauch Claudius Rauch
Visual Effects
Special Effects Supervisor

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