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Suck Me Shakespeer 2 (2015)

Suck Me Shakespeer 2 (2015)

Mr. Müller is not satisfied with his new work at the Goethe-Gesamtschule. The early getting up and correcting exams annoy him. Director Gerster wants to improve the image of the Goethe-Gesamtschule because she wants to be a symbol of the new company. To achieve this, she wants to take away the partnership from the Schillergymnasium with a Thai school. So, Mr. Müller, Mrs. Schnabelstedt and the 10b must go on a school trip to Thailand.

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Elyas M’Barek Elyas M’Barek
as Zeki Müller
Karoline Herfurth Karoline Herfurth
as Lisi Schnabelstedt
Max von der Groeben Max von der Groeben
as Danger
Jella Haase Jella Haase
as Chantal Ackermann
Gizem Emre Gizem Emre
as Zeynep
Johannes Nussbaum Johannes Nussbaum
as Cedric
Zsá Zsá Inci Bürkle Zsá Zsá Inci Bürkle
as Silke
Katja Riemann Katja Riemann
as Gudrun Gerster
Jana Pallaske Jana Pallaske
as Charlie
Volker Bruch Volker Bruch
as Hauke Wölki
Alwara Höfels Alwara Höfels
as Caro Meyer
Uschi Glas Uschi Glas
as Ingrid Leimbach-Knorr
Aram Arami Aram Arami
as Burak
Farid Bang Farid Bang
as Paco
Bernd Stegemann Bernd Stegemann
as Herr Gundlach
Dagi Bee Dagi Bee
as Girl Tubing Station #2
Lucas Reiber Lucas Reiber
as Etienne
Shirin David Shirin David
as Girl Tubing Station #1
Michael Maertens Michael Maertens
as Eckhard Badebrecht
Runa Greiner Runa Greiner
as Meike
Emma Voltmer Emma Voltmer
as Naomi
Luise von Finckh Luise von Finckh
as Charlotte
Niklas Nißl Niklas Nißl
as Torben
Maximilian Waldmann Maximilian Waldmann
as Noel
Aratchaporn Sataed Aratchaporn Sataed
as Cleaning Woman (uncredited)
K.M. Lo K.M. Lo
as Direktor Mr. Long
Enissa Amani Enissa Amani
as Stewardess
Saichia Wongwirot Saichia Wongwirot
as Museum Guard
Sasapin Siriwanji Sasapin Siriwanji
as Museum Guide
Lena Klenke Lena Klenke
as Laura
Clara Heins Clara Heins
as Jasmin
Sarah Fröhlich Sarah Fröhlich
as Brillenschlange
Jasmin Tabatabai Jasmin Tabatabai
as Erika
Omar Azaitar Omar Azaitar
as Musti
Maxi Warwel Maxi Warwel
as Frau Wagner von Airberlin
Christoph Schechinger Christoph Schechinger
as Polizist Flughafen
Markus Böker Markus Böker
as Vater Etienne
Linda Löbel Linda Löbel
as Lehrerin Frau Knauer
Maria Bachmann Maria Bachmann
as Chefin Autohaus
Marcel Nowak Marcel Nowak
as Lehrer Strandschule
Supattra Eaim-Em Supattra Eaim-Em
as Thai Girl
Alisa Sanhoom Alisa Sanhoom
as Female Passenger
Tanadol Meewongthum Tanadol Meewongthum
as Thai Employee
Bora Dağtekin Bora Dağtekin
Bora Dağtekin Bora Dağtekin
Lena Schömann Lena Schömann
Andreas Berger Andreas Berger
Camera Supervisor