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The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail (1945)

The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail (1945)

Yoshitsune Minamoto, disguised with his retinue as monks, must make do with a comical porter as their guide through hostile territory en route to safety.

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Denjirô Ôkôchi Denjirô Ôkôchi
as Benkei
Susumu Fujita Susumu Fujita
as Togashi
Kenichi Enomoto Kenichi Enomoto
as Porter
Masayuki Mori Masayuki Mori
as Kamei
Takashi Shimura Takashi Shimura
as Kataoka
Akitake Kôno Akitake Kôno
as Ise
Yoshio Kosugi Yoshio Kosugi
as Suruga
Hanshiro Iwai Hanshiro Iwai
as Yoshitsune (as Shubo Nishina)
Dekao Yoko Dekao Yoko
as Hidachibo
Yasuo Hisamatsu Yasuo Hisamatsu
as Kajiwara's Messenger
Sôji Kiyokawa Sôji Kiyokawa
as Togashi's Messenger
Akira Kurosawa Akira Kurosawa
Akira Kurosawa Akira Kurosawa
Gohei Namiki Gohei Namiki